Perfect for most rooms in the home, roller blinds are available in multiple designs, with varying styles and finishes. As Amora Blinds offer a made-to-measure service, it shouldn’t be necessary to trim yours down, making this a simple and easy blind to hang.


• Your blind, carefully unpacked
• Screwdriver
• Pencil
• Appropriate screws and fitting as supplied
• A drill, though not needed for all fittings
• A metal tape measure
• A sturdy step ladder

Step one: Fixing the brackets
Firstly, take stock of which side your control end is going to go. Hold your brackets to the wall, mark when they need to go in relation to where the blind will hang and screw them in, making sure that none of the blind’s fabric will be touching any part of the window when it’s rolled up.

Step two: Fitting the blind
Simply fit the spring plunger into the bracket, pushing the chain-free end into place first. Then manoeuvre the control end of the blind into the other bracket, and allow for it to drop down to that it locks into place.

Step three: Make it safe
With the chain operated blinds, you will be supplied with two child safety ‘easy break’ chain connectors. These must be fitted, as they are designed to protect children by breaking apart when weight is applied. Simply clip the loose end of the chain into the corrector to reinstate the loop. Easy peasy!

Please, also read the safety information as per the Safety swing tag attached to your blind.